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I saw Vol. 1 again and decided that Go Go is the prettiest girl in the entire world. Maybe.

Anyhow, I also noticed that the one guy in the Crazy 88s, the one giggling in the hotel room, he was talking about oral sex. Haha. What a bitch.
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She is. Sometimes, I wish I were her....

But then I remind myself that a ball and chain made out of tin foil just isn't cool.

I've got the blazer and the skirt though, (mine's wool but very, very soft wool :), using my catholic school connections aka required uniform code.
Well all I know is:

I'm sixteen
High school is sometimes not fun
and I wish Go Go would love me
oh and other girls I know sometimes too


P.s. Good luck with Catholic School
Well, if we get together, I'll wear the skirt for you.

But right now, I'm just trying to tell myself that I'm not hitting on people in livejournals. hahaha

Thanks, I need it. High is not fun most of the time here.

let's write letters.
Like, real letters?

The kind you write with a quill at night by candle light that start out: "My dearest....I have waited many a long hour for your return."

Or an email letter, the kind that start out: "sup! ur 2 kewl 4 skewl boi!!"
Oh, you know...we could mix it up a bit.
I love Go-Go. She kicks ass. I somewhat resemble her... I have cosplay pics of me as her somewhere around here... but they suck. I need better pics. >_
if you are a man i do not want to see them.

otherwise you should post them.


<3 brock