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you didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?

you know, for a second there, yeah... i kinda did

vermin_to_kill - the Kill Bill Community
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'what do you want with hattori hanzo?'

'i need japanese steel'

'why do you need japanese steel?'

'i have vermin to kill...'

a Kill Bill community. join, talk about how much you loved/hated Volume One, discuss Volume Two, anything you feel like pointing out, or anything related to samurai/ninja movies.

and now, i'm going to set out some ground rules:

1. don't plug your community here, unless you're staying here. i don't need people dropping by and making useless entries unless you just pass it by in another entry.

2. if you're going to post a spoiler[defined by me as anything you think might ruin Volume One or Volume Two for anyone], use an lj-cut. i might let this slide a few times, but i will ban you if you're being a douchebag about it.

3. no bickering. you can argue, just keep the personal insults down to a minimum.

4. you can post pictures, but if you have more than one, put it behind an lj-cut.

5. if you try to kick my ass, i'll pull out your eyeball and slice your head off. and yes, when i do this, everything does go black and white. that's because black and white means you're stepping to me and getting your shit ruined.

that's all.

created by: goddamnshutup

moderated by: ____apistat