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I have watched both Kill Bill Movies and they were amazing. I can't believe someone is so god damn creative. Quentin Tarantino is a GOD. OMgosh I love him and his movies are absolutely amazing. He needs to be mine. How long has this community existed? I'm just curious. Also, is it true that Uma Thurman Co-Wrote the movie or was that just a rumor?
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I don't know if you all have seen "Lady Snowblood," it's one of the movies that ispired Quentin to do Kill Bill. Anyways, some of the stuff from Lady snowblood was used a lot in Kill Bill. For example, they both have chapter introductions, they both have the basic consept of revenge, they both have a similar scenes where all the killers look down upon the victim, the area of training in Lady Snowblood was similar to Pai-Mei's training area, both had exaggerations of blood splashes, and
Yuki(Lady Snowblood) Says similar things before killing one of her enemies just as Oren did when she killed Boss Motsumoto:Yuki says "Don't I look like someone you raped," instead of "Don't I look like someone you killed" as Oren said. I mean if you think about it, Quentin kind of copied. Kill Bill is still a very good movie, It's just that I don't really think Quentin is as creative as I used to think he was. There are also other movies he copied from for Kill Bill, like Switchblade Sisters,Coffy, Battle Royale, Twisted Nerve, and the list goes on. He still has very good dialogues.

Kill Bill Fan Fic

Hey everyone, I was bored and decided to 'whore' a fanfic a friend and me are in the midst of writing.
It's a pre-Kill Bill story. Basically it takes place before Two Pines. I'd post the fic here but it is way too long. I have it up at fanfic.net in seperate chapters [adding more a lil at a time] So I'm gonna put the link down here so you can check it out.
I'd love some feed back! Thanks again!
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Hey everyone. I have a question.
Does anyone have any Pei Mei or Bill icons I could use? And does anyone have the friends only banner of Uma Thurman holding the sword? Any help would be appreciated.
Sonny Malone/ Cheyenne Jackson of Xanadu


OMG! I just saw Kill Bill 1 last night, and it is the BEST movie that I have ever seen! I'm now obsessed, and have done my livejournal over to resemble Uma's pants. XP

Even thought this is my first post I have a few questons.......
1) Does any one know where I can find some good pics of Gogo? She is my favorite character and I'm a tad obsessed with her.
2) Does any one know were I can find an MP3 of The 5,6,7,8's song that goes "Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo, Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo~"?
Thanks in advanced.

I hope I post here alot!
Thanks again!
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